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A reliable service is at the basis of our long-term relationship with our clients. In order to keep guaranteeing this, we are continually working on improving our company processes, our employee satisfaction and the guarantee to safely work high off the ground. For these reasons, we are VCA*, ISO 9001 and NEN 4400-01 certified. We have our service quality evaluated every year.


  • VCA*
    VCA stands for Veligheid, Gezondheid en Milieu (VGM) Checklist Aannemers (Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors) and is meant for employees that engage in work with a heightened risk factor and is aimed at letting them work more safely and reduce the number of incidents.
  • ISO 9001
    In conformity with the ISO 9001 quality certificate, we have to meet high standards with regards to our internal processes, the reliability of results, customer-oriented action and the continual improvement of service both internally and towards our clients.
  • NEN 4400-01
    NEN 4400-01 is a national norm that sets demands for lenders and (sub)contractors of work established in the Netherlands with regards to tax payment and social premiums and being authorised to perform work in the Netherlands. The purpose of the norm is to limit the risk for clients of receiving fines from the tax authorities and other government institutions.

    Toelichting NEN 4400 (PDF)
  • Responsible Market Behaviour Code
    Apart from the certification, we have signed the Responsible Market Behaviour Code. This way, we, along with a large number of other parties, take responsibility for sustainable market conditions. This leads to an improvement of industrial relations, a closer relationship between clients, suppliers and employees and a greater satisfaction in work quality. We are also a member of the sector organisation SieV.

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