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Window cleaning and facade maintenance is work for people, but without modern materials, we cannot execute the assignment safely and correctly. Every building also requires its own approach. We deal with working high above the ground, with both hard and vulnerable surfaces, activities that have to be done both inside and outside and with various materials. For every type of object and every situation, we offer the right solution and work with materials that are best suited to the job. All material meets all demands and is evaluated yearly. Working high off the ground also brings risks. Our employees are trained for this and, if necessary, always wear the personal protective gear.


  • Traditional window cleaning
    When the working height does not exceed 7 metres, we still use the traditional standing ladder to clean windows and window frames every day.
  • Telewash system: the stalk
    Up to a working height of 13.5 metres, we can also use a Telewash system. The main advantage is that it takes up a lot less room than a hydraulic platform, can be used on all types of ground surfaces, and costs less. However, the system has limited applicability because of the physical nature of the work, and according to health and safety regulations, we can only use it in cases where no other options are available. There is also a maximum of 200 m2 (2,150 ft2) per project that may be cleaned with this system.
  • Hydraulic Platforms
    High off the ground, we almost always use the facilities available on the building or facade. If necessary, we work from the ground using a hydraulic platform. Degenaar Gevelonderhoud owns various types of hydraulic platforms. They are all characterised by a low weight, which is a significant advantage on soft ground and vulnerable surfaces. The maximum working height of a hydraulic platform is 36 metres (118 ft). We also have a platform with a working height of around 18 metres (60 ft), that can fit through a standard door. Ideal for inside work such as atriums.
  • Permanent facade installations
    Our staff are trained to work with the most common permanent facade installations.

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