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Degenaar Gevelonderhoud works exclusively for companies, institutions and owner-occupiers’ associations. We do this both on demand for incidental work, and based on maintenance contracts. Naturally, this contract is completely attuned to your wishes. Our clients’ interests are always put first in these contracts. Clear and proactive in our communication, transparent and honest.


This is how we operate:


1. Finding out your wishes

We call you to find out what wishes and expectations you have, and what we can do for you


2. Location inspection
The phone call is followed up by carefully analysing the work to be done on site, and mapping out your exact wishes.


3. Our advice

We give you clear advice and a detailed quote for the work to be done.


4. Implementation

Within Degenaar Gevelonderhoud, you will have a dedicated contact who will personally help you and make clear agreements with you. The implementation is expertly and carefully done by well-trained people who are all VCA-certified.


5. Evaluation

After completing the project, we contact you about whether or not the work has been done to satisfaction.

Working sustainably

Every day we strive to execute our work as sustainably as possible. We feel that everyone has to take responsibility with regards to preserving our environment. That is why we use as few environmentally harmful substances as possible while cleaning windows and facades, without compromising on results. We use biodegradable materials as much as possible. That is why we set high standards for our partners and suppliers. Together with them, we continually strive to further increase sustainability in our services and products.


Sustainable enterprise does not only mean taking the environment into account, but our employees as well. We make sure that everyone can work according to health and safety regulations. However, above all, safety comes first. And whoever wants to develop themselves further is given every chance.


What else do we do?

  • a fleet and working materials that have the lowest possible CO2 and particulate emissions
  • training our people to use water and cleaning supplies as efficiently as possible
  • responsibly produced company clothes
  • waste separation
  • digital invoicing

Would you like to know more about our sustainable practices?

If so, please contact one of our employees. They would love to help you.



Degenaar Gevelonderhoud B.V.


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How may we help?

Call or email us. Our employees love to help you.
You can reach us by telephone on business days between 8.00 AM and 5.00 PM.
Or fill in the form below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.