Monarch Tower...just one more!

8 March 2021

Once a rundown neighbourhood, now a prestigious district in The Hague: the Central Business District. The heart of Beatrixkwartier has undergone a complete renovation in recent years, partly thanks to Provast. In the three Monarch sections, you can live and work at The Hague height. From each floor, you have an almost royal view of the city centre, the station area and the Haagse Bos. On a clear day, you can even see the Scheveningen pier from the top floor. We should know. We have been maintaining the windows of Monarch I and Monarch III for some time now, and now the Monarch Tower (Monarch II) has been added. Add to that the WTC Prinsenhof, the Centre Court houses, la Fenêtre and New Babylon, and that means we are constantly at work in the neighbourhood. This is also handy in case of incidents and calamities, because we can act quickly. Actually, we are only missing one to complete the picture: Monarch IV. Do not hesitate to call us when it is finished, after all, we are always nearby.

Happy in the Terrace Tower

4 March 2021

Research shows that 40 to 60 per cent of home workers would like to work from home more often, even after the corona crisis. For our profession, that's not possible, but for a company like Suitsupply, it probably is. The question is: Why would you want to do that at all, when you can work in their beautiful new headquarters - the Terrace Tower - every day?

The unusual design by Danish architectural firm BIG creates a striking contrast with the surrounding buildings in the Kop Zuidas. The tilting design makes it look as if it might fall over at any moment. It has a terrace-like, stacked construction with roof terraces and gardens at the back. A heavy, staggered core of concrete, special joints from which the floors are suspended and sloping columns in the front and rear façade make this possible. It comprises 16,500 m2 of office space, 3,500 m2 for facilities, 3,500 m2 for an underground car park and has been awarded the BREAAM 'Excellent' rating.

All this makes Deka Immobilien a very happy owner, Suitsupply a very happy tenant and us a very happy supplier. On behalf of the property manager CBRE, we are regularly asked to clean the windows. Everybody happy!

HourGlass Amsterdam

17 September 2020


In our work we see beautiful buildings every day, from a distance and from very close up when we are allowed to work on the facades. As of September another brand new building in that category has been added to our project list: HourGlass in Amsterdam. It stands on one of the last free plots in the heart of the Zuidas. In this new central area, offices, homes, hotels and other facilities will be built at an international level in the coming years. The hourglass-shaped building is 80 metres high and comprises approximately 42,000 m² gross floor area. Law firm Loyens & Loeff is the main tenant and the Irish hotel operator "PREM Group" has 115 luxury Premier Suites and a high-end restaurant on the 15th floor. Sustainability is at the heart of the design and realisation of the property. The project was rightly awarded the BREEAM Excellent label. We are going to provide an excellent exterior. Commissioned by owner Bouwinvest and manager CBRE, we will be maintaining the numerous windows and cleaning the beautiful natural stone facade from October onwards. Of course also in a sustainable way, thanks to our ISO14001 certificate. We say: (never change) a winning match.


Dino power!

26 May 2020


Everything comes to an end. Also for work machines. After years of loyal service, we recently exchanged two aerial platforms - the Dino 240 RXT and Dino 265 RXT - for one new one: the Dino 280 RXT. Not because of budget cuts, but mainly because of its amazingly beautiful features (and looks!). It is a lightweight telescopic boom lift with a working height of no less than 28 meters, a working range of 16 meters all around and four-wheel drive. We can say a lot about it, but take a look at this video of this super cool Dino. We are in love.

Degenaar Gevelonderhoud ... twelve points!

05 January 2020 


We had to wait a while - forty years to be precise - but this year we are finally again the host country for the Eurovision Song Contest. Thanks to the victory of Duncan Laurence, Rotterdam AHOY will be fully devoted to the largest music event in the world coming May. We do not know who will actually win the contest this year. After all, we are no fortune tellers, but facade cleaners. We therefore know that AHOY will look ‘pico bello’ . Since October we have been busy cleaning all metal walls and providing an important part with a protective layer. Of course not only for this event but for a continuous fresh look, in addition to the new expansion. It will take a while to clean a location of such a size. We are proud that we can carry out this special assignment for Rotterdam AHOY and do everything we can to also get our "douze points"!

Gom becomes the new owner of Degenaar Gevelonderhoud

29 November 2019


Degenaar Gevelonderhoud continues immediately under the umbrella of cleaning company Gom, part of Facilicom Group. With the acquisition, Gom wants to further strengthen itself in glass and facade maintenance. Degenaar Gevelonderhoud remains an independent part within Gom and will work closely with Gom Specialist Cleaning. The portfolios complement each other very well. There are little changes for clients. The name Degenaar Gevelonderhoud continues to exist and the services are still offered from The Hague. Founder Jan Degenaar will remain responsible for at least another three years and is therefore - for those who are used to that - still point of contact.

Washing the Elephants?

03 June 2019


Degenaar Gevelonderhoud has once again obtained a beautiful building for maintenance: the Oliphant (in English: the Elephant) in Amsterdam Southeast. From June we are commissioned by CBRE to maintain the facades of this striking building. For us it is the third location on the Haaksbergenweg. In addition to the Oliphant, we also carry out maintenance on the Dreef tower and the Margriet tower.


The Oliphant was one of the first post-modern office buildings that were built around the Johan Cruijff stadium (before, the Amsterdam ArenA). For years it was a banking status symbol of ING. The 15-storey tower had the shape of a Y and stood out because of the red granite and the green glass. However, the building did not invite people to come in, and that - along with a number of other problems, was a reason for a radical revitalization and increase in sustainability. The new Oliphant is an open building with a square and public spaces that invite you to enter and meet others. The Oliphant has more than 20,000 m² of lettable space, 200 parking spaces and has a “BREAM-NL Very Good” certification.

Mercedes-Benz opens first European flagship store

03 June 2019


Mercedes is bringing its new retail concept to Europe, choosing MBDB in The Hague as the location for the first European flagship store. With this new concept, Mercedes-Benz is modernizing the architecture of their dealer locations and retail processes. The goal is to create a fascinating brand experience at a physical point of sale. This showroom in The Hague now serves as an example for all new locations to be built and renovated in Europe.


Before the building could be put into use, it was thoroughly renovated for more then a year. And what a beautiful eye catcher it has become! Before the opening, the brand new facades had to look spotless. We were allowed to take care of that. And the good news ... we will do this also that on a regular basis, both inside and outside. We are naturally very proud of that, because who wouldn’t want this beautiful building to shine? Mercedes-Benz has been a highly valued relationship for 20 years. We maintain the branches of their Dealer Companies, they take care of the maintenance of our fleet. Our common goal? We always want to deliver the best quality. 

Four stars of L’Etoile

28 January 2019


Anyone who speaks just a little French knows that l’Etoile means star. L’Etoile Properties Reim Holland B.V. has commissioned us to maintain four of their star buildings:


1. Rietlandpark 275-307, Amsterdam

Part of the Quintet Office Park and an old acquaintance of ours, as we took care of maintenance for them a couple of years before. We are happy to have this fine building back in our stock and can clean the windows and frames regularly. We are already maintaining the other two buildings of the Quintet Complex, Quintet Office Park I & II.


2. Monarch I, Prinses Beatrixlaan 5-7, The Hague

In the heart of Beatrixkwartier in The Hague stands the Monarch I. This is the first building that was built in the complex. The Monarch Tower is next to it and the third tower is currently being built. We have maintained the Monarch I right from the start and are glad that the contract has been renewed and that we can clean the windows and clean and preserve the frames of tenant CAK on a regular basis, and also take care of the cleaning of the parking garage.


3. NOW Building, Taurus Avenue 16, Hoofddorp

This building is not only a star, but a gem as well. NOW is a sustainable multi-tenant office building and a striking icon at the entrance of Park 20|20. This is the first full-service cradle-to-cradle office park in the Netherlands, designed by William McDonough, inventor of the C2C principle. Natural materials have been used in the building: the construction is partly made of wood and the façade closure contains CO2-absorbent ceramic tiles. It is not for nothing that the building was BREEAM Excellent certified. Our work activities: (excellent) regular glass cleaning.


4. De Winthont, Winthontlaan 6, Utrecht

Together with the new Van der Valk congress hotel, this new office building on the edge of Utrecht gives a new impulse to the Winthontlaan, where vacant buildings made way for this eyecatcher. The street was named after the Winthont, one of the 98 ships that participated in the naval battle at Nieuwpoort against the English in 1653. It was one of the heaviest maritime defeats in Dutch history. Fortunately, we only clean the windows.




New: FOZ Building Zuidas

28 January 2019


From 1 January onward we will maintain not one, not two, but four buildings at the Amsterdam Zuidas. To the ITO Building, the SOM Building and Vinoly, the FOZ Building on Gustav Mahlerlaan has been added. The building was designed by Foreign Office Architects, but taken over and developed as a project by Van den Oever Zaaijer & Partners. The whole has a surface area of c. 13,000 m2 of office space. Due to the articulation of the façade with glass and stone strips, the building seems to have much more floors than the six it actually has. Each floor is hidden behind two glass strips and two stone bands. Normally that is one window strip per floor. Another fun fact is that the choice of the fenestration was inspired by the special lighting that is so characteristic of the paintings of Dutch master painter Vermeer. The use of two different strips of glass in combination with a ceiling height of 2.8 metres creates a very special daylight entry. The upper strip admits a large amount of light that can penetrate deep into the office, whereas the lower strip offers the view. With our regular glass cleaning we ensure that light entry remains special and generous!  

Expansion of the machine park with electric lift platform

21 January 2019

We have added a new lift platform to our machine park: the Hinowa Lighlift 19.65 L-i. An electrically driven lift platform equipped with a Lithium-ion package that fits in perfectly with our aim of making work processes more sustainable. Thanks to this battery it can operate cable-free all day and is much more silent. Besides, the machine has a number of additional fine properties. Thanks to the absence of a combustion engine it is light-weight: only 2,150 kg. Thanks to its compact dimensions it fits through virtually any door in transport position, has a surface area of 3.5x3.5 metres and can still reach a work height of c. 19 metres, which makes it the perfect machine for performing work in, for instance, atriums. We are very happy with Safetylift BV from Leimuiden, which has delivered the machine to us in a very correct way.  

Rabobank chooses Degenaar

1 January 2019


From 1 January 2019 onward it will be our job to maintain the new headquarters of Rabobank Gouwestreek in Gouda. This includes all glass and metal parts of the façade, and on the inside, we will also clean all windows and the separation. A project with a lot of challenges, as the building has metal ‘eyebrows’: protruding parts that make the windows more difficult to reach. The new sustainable office has gained the new development design certificate BREEAM-NL and now houses four Rabobank branches in Gouda,

Degenaar cleans TomTom

13 August 2018


Who doesn’t know TomTom? It is located at the Hollandia office building at Oosterdokseiland in Amsterdam. The building and the entire area have been developed by Meyer Bergman and MAB. Oosterdokseiland, with its 225,000 m², is one of the largest inner-city projects in Western-Europe. It contains a total of  72,500m2, with public facilities, apartments and office space. The area is still under development and is estimated to be finished late 2020. Hollandia was built in 2007, from a design by former Chief Government Architect Jo Coenen. The building is located in the centre of Amsterdam (always a nice challenge when working with hydraulic platforms) and offers an amazing view of the environment and waterfront. TomTom International BV is the only tenant to use Hollandia’s 9,950 m2 in office space. In 2017, Degenaar Gevelhoud was allowed to clean and preserve the metal parts of their façade. We also took care of parts of the façade made of natural stone. We have now been able to add regular window cleaning on contractual basis. A beautiful assignment that we’re very happy with. 

Under contract: Hague Tower and The Y

6 August 2018


Our Hague heart beats a little faster, because we can now regularly provide both the Hague Tower, also called the Strijkijzer (‘clothes iron’) by locals, and ‘The Y’ with clean windows. And those are quite a few!


The Strijkijzer is a true Hague icon. A skyscraper that’s 132 metres high; the third highest building in The Hague. Its size and the shape of the top make it easily recognisable as a landmark in the city of The Hague. Beside offices and apartments, it is home to The Penthouse on the 42nd floor. The highest restaurant of the Netherlands with a sky bar and amazing view. What makes the building so special is that it’s build on a plot of only 30 by 35 metres. Its architect, Bontenbal, was inspired by the Flatiron Building (1902) in New York when he designed the building. In 2007, the building won the Nieuwe Stad Prijs (‘new city price’) of The Hague and the international gold Emporis Skyscraper Award.


Aside from the Hague Tower, at the spot where the Sigma building used to be, one can now find ‘The Y’. A new complex completely aimed at students and starters. It consists of three parts: a tower that’s over 75 metres high, a part of over 51 metres at the Stationsplein and a lower building along the tracks, standing about 20 metres high. Within, there are now 303 student studios, 153 starter residences and 1,400 m2 in commercial space for shops and hospitality venues. The property can be found in a student district, close to The Hague University of Applies Sciences.

Degenaar makes great FIRST impression

30 July 2018


The first impression is always the most important. You can only get it right once. FIRST Rotterdam definitely does so, if only because you can’t miss the 128 metre high office building right across from Rotterdam Central. It’s the seventh highest building in Rotterdam, has an extremely high level of quality and excellent facilities. Additionally, FIRST Rotterdam has received the “Excellent” certificate from BREEAM-NL for sustainable installations within the building.


Building commenced in December 2012 and was completed late 2015. The impressive (load-bearing) façade is covered with natural stone, composite concrete and glass and the design is inspired by the Groothandelsgebouw on the other end of the street. On the lower side of the façade, one can find the artwork Wall Relief No. 1, which is made from 16,000 clinkers. The two lower floors incline inwardly on the southside, so the monumental dome belonging to the former Bouwcentrum didn’t have to be demolished.


In 2017 maintenance was quite far behind and we were tasked with leaving all windows spotless. In doing this, we once again made a great first impression, because we’re proud to announce that we can add this beautiful building to our list of permanent projects.

ITO tower and SOM building under contract

23 July 2018


A year ago, we were allowed to clean the metal parts of the ITO tower and the SOM building for the first time as well as preserve those of the ITO tower. Luckily, new property manager Savills was satisfied with the results and converted the job to a permanent contract to clean the windows on a regular basis. We look forward to continuing the work.

1 + 2 = 3 Quarters

16 July 2018


We already had Quarter Podium (previously Spectrum) under contract for regular maintenance and now, it is joined by Quarter Plaza and Quarter Avenue. The three buildings are part of Quarter Offices, a new high-end working, living and play concept in Amsterdam Sloterdijk that was opened in May 2018. The three buildings have been completely renovated to improve their quality and functionality. The users, varying from big to small companies, start-ups and flex workers, can now very comfortably work, meet and relax here. Regardless of which building they’re in, they can use the extensive service package. From a manned reception area in every building, a business and meeting centre, restaurants, coffee bar, bikes, boot camps up to networking events, workshops, package storage, dry cleaning and room service. Comfort and hospitality are key. Naturally, such a concept demands beautiful façades and clean windows for a beautiful view. We are proud to provide the tenants with just that.

Degenaar Gevelonderhoud in TV cleaning duel

21 October 2017


For the Dutch television program 'Klaas can do anything', presenter Klaas recently entered the duel with Degenaar Gevelonderhoud, on top of one of the highest buildings in the Netherlands and also one of our projects, the Hague tower. The challenge: who will clean the cleanest windows in 20 minutes. Dutch champion window cleaning Sven van den Burgh determined who was the best at these dizzying heights. The result is obvious, of course, but it was much fun doing this battle! Watch the video via

New assignment: The "Mondriaan tower" Amsterdam

3 Juli 2017


There are buildings, and there are BUILDINGS. The Mondriaan tower in Amsterdam certainly falls into the latter category together with the Rembrandt tower, the Breitner tower and the future Amstel tower, and this skyscraper dominates the Amsterdam skyline. The Mondriaan tower is 120 metres high and has 30 floors of offices. The Rembrandt tower has 36 floors and the Breitner tower 23 floors. We are therefore delighted to add this behemoth to our project list from 1 July. We will clean the windows on a regular basis for CBRE and owner NL Mondriaan Property 8 B.V. The three towers are named after famous Dutch painters.

De Kroon: Icon from The Hague under contract

21 Juni 2017


We as a company are originally from The Hague, therefore we feel extra pride when an assignment from a genuine icon from The Hague such as De Kroon is tendered to us. After a successful test clean in 2016, we recently became the first company to carry out a complete service in almost five years with the assistance of a special facade installation. This quickly became a permanent contract for the maintenance of the inaccessible glass of the Owners Association (VvE) from the 18th floor to the 39th floor(!) and that is a huge compliment to our staff. Special thanks to the management company K & C Eigendom Management B.V. for the supervision of this tricky process.

This addition provides us with a major presence in the Beatrixkwartier. De Kroon (2011) is situated in the Wijnhavenkwartier between Central Station and the Spui. With 40 floors and reaching a height of 131.5 metres, it is one of the tallest buildings in The Hague. The design by architectural firm Rapp+Rapp was inspired by high-rise buildings constructed in Chicago between 1900 and 1930. De Kroon is on the south side of the two skyscrapers of the ministries of Security and Justice and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. 

Proud: Degenaar Gevelonderhoud acquires ISO 14001 certificate

19 Juni 2017


Careful consideration for the environment has played an important role within our service provision for many years. We are very aware that our work on facades and buildings has an impact on the environment. We strive to carry out each assignment as sustainably as possible, for example, by being aware of the amount of water we use, or by only using biodegradable materials. We have therefore also put high demands on our suppliers.


Recently, in addition to the ISO 9001 quality certificate we had already acquired, we also scooped the ISO 14001 certificate and we are extremely proud of this fact! This international standard concerns all requirements for the implementation of an environmental management system within our company. The system helps us to better identify, manage, and improve all aspects of our business operations that affect the environment. Now we can constantly improve the sustainability of our service provision, and reduce negative effects on the environment.

Amsterdam icon undergoes maintenance

19 Juni 2017


The Bank is located at one of the most prestigious locations in Amsterdam. This is an impressive monument which was previously owned by ABN AMRO prior to their move to the Zuidas at the end of the nineties. The oldest part of the bank building, which was designed by Ouëndag and Berlage, was extensively rebuilt and extended at the rear in the 1970s. A large part of the original building was lost and the stately bank hall was closed. A striking landscape appeared on the roof that many people thought was ugly. The 80-year old monument (42,500 m2 in size) has now been given a new purpose, today accommodating a selection of catering establishments, retail and office space. It is an honour for us to be maintaining all glass windows and metal facade parts of this ‘grand dame’ on a regular basis since the start of 2017

New assignment: ITO towers and SOM building

16 Juni 2017


Anyone who has visited the Amsterdam Zuidas business district will immediately recognise both buildings: ITO and SOM. Two striking office buildings that are located next to each other, and are therefore frequently mentioned in the same breath. The ITO tower is 100 metres high and has a floor space of 34,000 m². The office building is part of the Mahler4 complex, one of the projects that form the Amsterdam Zuidas. The SOM building has a total surface area of 18,000 m². We are cleaning all metal facade components of both buildings, as well as preserving these at the ITO tower, for management company Apleona (previously Bilfinger). Fortunately, because we are used to working at heights, we do not get vertigo from this wonderful new assignment!

Unique new telescopic boom lift delivered

24 juni 2016 


Today we added a new chassis mounted telescopic boom lift to our fleet of machines thanks to HDW Nederland from Ridderkerk: the Versalift VTX-240. This articulated telescopic boom has a maximum working height of 24 metres and has a unique property. In comparison to regular aerial work platforms that only extend vertically, the VTX-240 also has an outreach of 12.5 metres thanks to an articulation point at 11 metres. This allows us to reach places which would be impossible or troublesome with other AWPs. The Versalift has only been available in the Netherlands since April 2016. Degenaar is currently one of the few maintenance companies in the Netherlands that work with the Versalift.

Contract signed for facade maintenance at WTC Rotterdam

1 juni 2016


We are delighted to announce that we have been able to add a beautiful building to our projects once more. The contract was signed with DTZ Zadelhoff and Bouwinvest last week for cleaning the facades of the World Trade Center in the centre of Rotterdam. The former Beursgebouw (Stock exchange) on the Coolsingel has a monumental status and houses office spaces, a Business Center, a conference centre, high-tech meeting rooms, shops and catering establishments. The grey green glass tower is 90 metres high and has become an architectural beacon in the city. We have already commenced making (and keeping) the facades wonderfully clean. We will certainly have a fantastic view of the city as we work.

Teupen Leo 36 aerial work platform

30 mei 2016 


Today we started using our new Teupen LEO36T aerial work platform to replace our old machine of the same model, which gave us 11 years of loyal service. It is a unique machine with a maximum working height of 36 metres at a relatively low weight of approximately 5,000 kg. The AWP meets the latest technical requirements, also in terms of emissions. We offer our sincere thanks to Wilco Donkersloot from HDW Nederland B.V. for expert delivery and supervision.

MegaStores The Hague

1 maart 2016


With an area of approximately 85,000 m², MegaStores The Hague is one of the Netherlands´ largest covered shopping centres. The complex contains approximately 50 stores including a large number of well-known home decor stores such as Beter Bed, Leen Bakker, Auping Plaza, Montèl but also stores such as Prénatal, BCC, Pets Place and Kids Eiland. Meijer Realty Partners (MRP) purchased the complex from ING Real Estate in April 2015.


Meijer Realty Partners is collaborating with Degenaar Gevelonderhoud and a number of selected partners to improve the overall look of the complex. Since the start of this year, we have implemented the regular cleaning of various parts of the exterior of the complex, including the facades, which has been an exciting challenge for us.

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