About us

Passion for the trade for over 40 years


Degenaar Gevelonderhoud has been involved in office building window cleaning and facade maintenance for nearly 40 years. For years, we have been working for a broad spectrum of clients such as property owners (investors), property management, project developers and contractors. In our work, we strive for continuity and a long-term cooperation with our clients.


Our work focuses mostly on the urban west of the Netherlands, but we also provide maintenance of diverse object outside of that region. By working with certified employees, excellent materials and by making clear agreements, you are ensured of a clean facade and you will never be confronted with surprises.



Our vision


Degenaar Gevelonderhoud has one simple vision: we strive for 100% customer satisfaction by delivering maximum quality on every job for a fair price, without compromising employee safety. Quality, involvement and honesty. That is what we are about. We only offer one deal: A deal is a deal.



Our team


We work with a specialised team of around thirty experienced employees. We set very high standards for our employees, because our clients set high standards for us as well. All employees are certified window cleaners and facade cleaners, VCA certified and are experts at using the right tools and materials to do the work efficiently, effectively and safely, even high off the ground. They are friendly, are fluent in Dutch are happy to go the extra mile to make sure your company building is clean as a whistle again. Everyone also works in representative, uniform work clothes and take all safety regulations into account. Only rarely do we outsource work to carefully selected parties, with quality monitoring always done by our own team.  

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